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cannibals in soc.culture.pacific-island, суть явления пока не понята...
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  Posted: Dec 28 2005, 00:16

Mind Rider

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Date: 22 Dec 2005 00:24:27 -0800
From: Etan Inchballer <canal_bin@yahoo.ca>
Newsgroups: alt.sex.snuff.cannibalism, soc.culture.pacific-island
Subject: I want to eat women from Pacific Islands !!!

I'm a cannibal and I must admit that the women from Pacific Islands are
very edible and incredibly yummy and it's time to cook and eat as many of
them as possible. Yummy ! Tasty !

Should I roast them on a spit, bake them in a oven, boil them in a pot,
butcher them for parts or eat them raw ?

Do you have some good recipes how to prepare and how to cook the
women from Pacific Islands ?

Which parts of them are the best ?


Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 10:44:15 +1100
From: Nicky Nightlife <niueroo@yahoo.com>
Newsgroups: alt.sex.snuff.cannibalism, soc.culture.pacific-island
Subject: Re: I want to eat women from Pacific Islands !!!

Etan Inchballer <canal_bin@yahoo.ca> wrote in message


You must be a skinny pink man who wants to fatten up. Pacific women to large
extent are overweight obese beings but contain all vital nutrients and
goodness that you would need. Eat rare and if you're not a woosy faggot looking
redneck then try when bleeding...bleeding good. Conserve other parts for a
rainy day.

If you need assistance let me know I have some friends over where you live
who can come over and educate you. Cheers.

Chef Mogambo Abwana specialising in pink meat.


Пожалуйста, вместо PM-a пишите мне на Email (кнопка справа от PM).
Posted: Jan 1 2006, 19:31

Wise Dreamer

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Ах вы суки!!!! Пожрите мой с pacific Islands ((( FORUM -- извини, не сдержался!)

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