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Post your math exam...?, Curiousity
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Posted: Feb 25 2010, 00:05

Wise Dreamer

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Hi everyone,

I was all freaking out to get my calculus midterm paper back yesterday and was struck by a curios thought: How are students in Armenia handling the tests/exams and whether the difficulty of problems is comparable here and there ... I really want to take a look at some first year university level engineering tests/exams that any of you may possess(I am not sure if you are allowed to take your exam paper with you). Just to see what it looks like and to compare the difficulty. From SEUA or any other University in Armenia. I am particularly interested in math tests.

If any of you are interested in the tests we are getting here at Ryerson University in Canada, go to the online exam bank


...и там и там земля обычная, и зря что между нами океан...(c)

p.s. When was the last time u did something for the first time?
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